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New buzz in Farrer Road after all the noise and dust settle

For nearly a decade, noise and dust have been a feature of life in the Farrer Road area, a prime-district neighbourhood where flat dwellers rub shoulders with bungalow owners. The dust is finally settling. The Empress Road market…

CapitaLand to acquire remaining CapitaMalls shares

CapitaLand to acquire remaining CapitaMalls shares. As it has crossed the shareholding threshold that will allow it to compulsorily acquire the remainder of CapitaMalls Asia (CMA). As at 5pm on 6 June, CapitaLand and concert parties own or…

Shaping the urban future with high-tech planning today

“Smart” technologies such as these that promise to change the face of urban life as you know it are already being imagined by researchers, businesses and governments. Last week, the topic hogged discussions at the World Cities Summit.…

Hotel, consultant rapped over fire

An engineering consultancy has been criticised by the High Court for the “lackadaisical” manner in which it serviced a hotel where a flashover occurred in an electrical switchgear room. But the hotel also did not escape blame by…

Most neighbours just say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’

Neighbours may exchange greetings and make small talk, but that’s as far as many Singaporeans go. Displays of trust, such as looking after house keys or lending and borrowing items, are seldom heard of in HDB estates. Residents’…

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