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What you need to know about cash out refinancing

What you probably didn’t know about your home is that it can be a source of cash for dealing with financial emergencies. A home equity loan, otherwise known as cash out refinancing, enables you to borrow at a…

Old meets new at Golden Mile Tower

Many of the shops are shuttered, and the paint is peeling, but the remaining eateries and KTV lounges in Golden Mile Tower carry on business as usual. However, since late last year, a different kind of crowd has…

Property auction sales almost double in Q1 to $34.3m

Ten properties have been sold year-to-date, for S$34.3 million, in Singapore’s property auction market. This is double the S$13.7 million done in the fourth quarter of last year, and almost twice the S$17.9 million in Q1 2014. In…

MNCs laud business-friendly policies

A visionary leader, an exemplary statesman and a strategic thinker. Tributes for Mr Lee Kuan Yew continued to pour in as head honchos of MNCs sent their condolences. Many lauded him for transforming Singapore into a prosperous metropolis,…

Mr Lee wanted to know how clean our loos were

There is a little-known side of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew that I caught a glimpse of decades ago – his eye for details in a somewhat unconventional way. One evening in 1969, Mr Lee visited National…

Care about the environment as he did

The thoughtful gesture by various volunteer groups, of distributing water and snacks to the long lines of people queueing up to pay their respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, reflects the generosity and unity of Singaporeans. However, it…

Don’t dirty the clean home he built for us

I was on my way to Parliament House yesterday when I heard that the wait to pay respects to former PM Lee Kuan Yew had extended to 10 hours. It is indeed admirable that many still joined the…

Mr Lee Kuan Yew wanted a zoo as successful as Singapore

It did not look like an auspicious start. First, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, then the PM, was worried that the Singapore Zoo’s waste would run into the surrounding reservoir, polluting the water being supplied to households. There were…

Foresight brought water projects to fruition

Decked in his usual white short-sleeved shirt, tailored cotton pants and track shoes, Mr Lee Kuan Yew would take in the sights and sounds of the Marina Barrage surroundings every Sun evening, getting off his buggy occasionally to…

Improve on his legacy, not rename the airport

The petition to rename Changi Airport after Mr Lee Kuan Yew set me thinking. This would befuddle travellers who have been drawn to Changi Airport for decades on the strength of its track record. Our nation’s founding father…

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