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Kampong spirit and kaypoh intentions: 10 years of letting strangers into our homes

Back in 2009, artist-curator Alan Oei had a crazy idea: What if you could convince a bunch of people to open up their homes for random strangers to come on in and see some art? As it turns…

Revising CPF use for older HDB flats may have severe repercussions

Revising CPF use for older, resale HDB flats is “a long banana kick down the winding road”, said prominent real estate commentator Ku Swee Yong. Commenting on the Government’s impending move on revising CPF use for older, resale…

In land-scarce Singapore, new spaces for homes on the sea and in the air, possibly

Mr Shinichi Takiguchi has visited Singapore several times, and from the windows of his hotel room, all he can see is the sea. He believes that will change in future. The managing executive officer at construction giant Shimizu…

Is Singapore’s decades-long shift away from agriculture about to take a U-turn?

Singapore has gone through such spectacular changes in its bicentennial history that today’s visitors to the country may be forgiven if they think it has always been a glitzy concrete shopping paradise and financial hub. It was only…

Teochew v Teochew: From ‘twin brothers’ to combatants in court

In 2012, a rather unusual advertisement appeared in ST and Lianhe Zaobao. Paid for by an anonymous member of the local Teochew community, it reproduced an open letter penned in 1965 by its leader, Mr Yeo Chan Boon.…

Keep Somerset youth district as it is, but upgrading and publicity are key, the young say

The Government’s announcement of the revamp of the Somerset Youth Belt, the stretch of Somerset Road that encompasses spaces such as *Scape, The Red Box and a skate park, has received mostly positive responses from Singaporean youth who…

Worker dies in Sengkang construction site accident

A 36-year-old man was killed after he was struck by a sheet pile at a Sengkang construction site yesterday, the fourth reported death of a foreign worker from a worksite-related incident since the start of the year. The…

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