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Piermont Grand achieves 46% sales on first weekend

On the first weekend of its public launch, Piermont Grand, the sole EC project launched this year, achieved sales of 375 units as at 6pm on Sun, July 28. The 820-unit project is therefore 46% sold. “Take-up was…

Transitional testing of a new waterfall methodology for SIBOR commences

ABS Co announced on July 1 that it commenced transitional testing of a new waterfall SIBOR methodology. This follows from ABS Co and SFEMC (ABS-SFEMC)’s July 2018 announcement of key proposals to enhance SIBOR, by anchoring this benchmark…

A melting ice sheet and how rising sea levels will affect Singapore

With the West Antarctic ice sheet starting to melt, which can lead to a rise in sea levels, a team of researchers has come up with a radical proposal: To artificially create snow to thicken up the ice…

Why I don’t go to Scape anymore – by a Singaporean youth

If I had to describe *SCAPE in one word, I’d say ironic. Opened in 2010 as a space designed for youths, the five-storey building consists of shops selling clothes and food, as well as facilities such as a…

Singapore back in play as more Hongkongers consider migrating due to deepening political crisis

An increasing number of Hong Kong residents are looking to buy homes in Singapore and enrol their children in schools there, according to property agents and educators, amid the deepening political crisis over the city’s now-suspended extradition bill.…

38 years on, Muslim surau in Ghim Moh finds online fame

A surau, or Muslim prayer hall, at the void deck of Blk 2, Ghim Moh Road, recently caught the Internet’s attention when a video of it went viral. But while many Singaporeans who watched the video thought it…

Plucky chicken rearer fights for right to keep chickens in HDB flats

Private science tutor Eric Woo is in a flap over what he sees as his right to rear a small number of chickens in his five-room HDB flat. Mr Woo, 48, is regarded among the poultry-rearing community as…

Fire breaks out at Mount Elizabeth Hospital near Orchard Road

A fire broke out at Mount Elizabeth Hospital near Orchard Road early on Sun morning. SCDF said on its FB that it responded to a fire at 3 Mount Elizabeth Road at about 6.33am. The fire was confined…

Could more be done to reduce plastic packaging waste in Singapore’s supermarkets?

A stroll around most supermarkets reveals how important plastic seems to be in the sale of fresh food. Fruit and vegetables are often wrapped in plastic while meat and fish usually comes in a tray encased in clingwrap.…

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