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The Big Read in Short: Rubbish thrown from height a sticky, yucky problem

More than 30 years after “killer litter” first entered the lexicon of Singapore’s heartlanders the issue of high-rise littering is back in the spotlight. The problem was raised in Parliament recently, after the death of an elderly man…

‘Burning through the roof’: Fire breaks out at semi-detached houses in Wilton Close

A “raging” fire broke out inside two semi-detached houses in Wilton Close near one-north on Sat, said SCDF. Photos and videos on Sat evening showed bright orange flames engulfing a multi-storey building, blowing thick smoke into the air…

Relics of Asia’s colonial past revived to host today’s elite

The famed Raffles Hotel here reopened in Aug after a two-year renovation, meticulously restored to the 1920s-era splendour that fascinated the likes of British playwright W. Somerset Maugham, down to the carvings on its columns and the teak…

Back to square one? Why are “asset-light” players in the sharing economy buying up property and cars?

Four years ago, an advertising and public relations executive penned these words about four up-and-coming companies: “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. FB, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most…

Sentosa Merlion to be demolished: 6 things to know about the Singapore icon

1) A Homage to myths – With a lion’s head and a fish’s body, the Merlion was designed in 1964 by British zoologist Alec Fraser-Brunner to be the logo of the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board. The fish is…

Do more to incentivise good recycling habits

PM Lee called climate change one of the “gravest challenges facing humankind” during the recent NDR. While I am heartened that the Government is introducing infrastructure solutions to tackle rising sea levels, I think more can be done…

Giving Changi a wider local runway

The transformation of the larger Changi region envisaged by LTA should enable the area to better support the airport’s status as a key aviation hub. Major road and other infrastructure works near Changi Airport will include the building,…

Orange Valley Nursing Homes reopens Changi Care Village after year-long revamp

Orange Valley Nursing Homes reopened its Changi branch on Sat after a year-long renovation. Changi Care Village, which has 120 beds, features new additions, including a garden with shrubs, flowers and fruit trees. This will allow residents to…

Civil Service Club accepts 75% liability for near-drowning that left boy wheelchair-bound and blind

The Civil Service Club has accepted 75 per cent liability for a swimming pool tragedy at its Bukit Batok location that left a then seven-year-old boy blind, having to use a wheelchair and totally dependent on nursing care…

Demolition of Sentosa Merlion a pity, some lament, but experts say new attractions needed

Plans to demolish the Merlion statue on Sentosa to make way for a new corridor linking the north and south of the island has upset some Singaporeans who hold nostalgic memories of the towering statue. They recall its…

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