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All’s well at Sembawang Hot Spring Park, but some still unaware of proper etiquette despite signs

The newly renovated Sembawang Hot Spring Park has been in the spotlight following reports of inconsiderate behaviour by visitors there. A visit by TODAY to the park on Sun found that many visitors remained in the dark about…

Speed up escalators at MRT stations

Escalators at MRT stations used to travel at a uniform speed of 0.75m per second. It appeared to me that elderly commuters largely coped well with this. The transport authorities announced in 2016 that escalators along NSEWL would…

4th Wuhan virus case: Village Hotel Sentosa staff sent to hospital, rooms which man, family stayed in blocked off

Village Hotel Sentosa has blocked off the rooms where the fourth confirmed person in Singapore to be infected with the Wuhan coronavirus and his family had stayed in. MOH confirmed the fourth imported case early on Sun. He…

180 residents self-evacuate after early morning fire at Buangkok condo, likely caused by charging e-bike

About 180 residents of a condominium block in Buangkok evacuated their homes in the early morning on the second day of CNY after a fire broke out in one of the units. In a FB post on Sun,…

The gardens at Alexandra Hospital that helped two women regain their mental and physical strength

With each admission to Alexandra Hospital, Madam Chang Sin Ngoh grew weaker and more upset. Mdm Chang, who has kidney and heart failure as well as mental cognitive decline, was 89 years old when she was first warded…

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