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UIC proposes name change to Singapore Land in group-wide refresh

The proposed name change of UIC to Singapore Land Group is more than a cosmetic change, says COO Jonathan Eu. The real estate developer also has plans to rejuvenate and gentrify its aged office portfolio, as well as…

Universities in Singapore focusing research efforts on solving global post-pandemic problems

Universities here are altering their research landscape to emphasise interdisciplinary and results-driven studies. This is meant to find more solutions for pressing global issues such as food security and public health – the challenges of a post-pandemic era.…

Mice industry players cheer raised capacity limits, but some worry about costs

While industry players in the Mice sector welcome the move to increase capacity limits at events, some are also concerned about the additional cost that comes with managing more people. The president of Saceos, Mr Aloysius Arlando, said:…

Operators in Singapore gear up to hold bigger weddings, performances and tournaments from April 24

Event organisers and venue operators have started preparing for bigger groups, following the announcement last week that capacity limits will be raised for weddings, pilot live performances and spectator sports from Apr 24. The Star Performing Arts Centre…

Give prompt notice to residents on lift maintenance work

I live in a four-room flat in Pasir Ris. Every Mon to Fri, my 87-year-old mother with dementia and who is wheelchair-bound goes to a daycare centre and on Sat, to church. We rely on the one lift…

Some MRT stations on North East Line to close early for works in April, May

Selected MRT stations on NEL will close earlier on some Fri and Sat in Apr and May, said SBST on Fri. This is for “intensified replacement works” to be carried out on the insulators of the overhead catenary…

Seniors living in squalid conditions need more help

Reports of poor, elderly citizens living alone in cluttered, bug-ridden homes filled with trash have cropped up time and again. This has only worsened with the onset of the pandemic, with some elderly residents cut off from social…

Commuters talking on public transport a common sight

I commend SMRT staff for their efforts to get people to avoid talking when on public transport. With more people going back to the office to work, our trains are going to get more crowded. We are to…

Action taken against idling of car engines

We refer to Mr Robert James Field McPhail’s letter (Do more to curb idling of car engines, Mar 27). NEA regularly monitors hot spots where motorists frequently leave their vehicle engines idling for reasons other than traffic conditions.…

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