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Singapore and the science of cities

In her influential book, The Death And Life Of Great American Cities, the world-famous urbanist Jane Jacobs wrote: “City processes in real life are too complex to be routine, too particularised for application as abstractions. They are always…

Investing in long-term and stable assets like property and company

Long-term investments that bring stability and have an impact down the road tick all the right boxes for finance sector executive David Baey with real estate at the top of the wish-list. As Mr Baey tells ST: “If…

Singapore Recreation Club members vote against lease renewal for Padang site and proposed levy

The majority of respondents in a Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) vote have opted not to renew the lease for the clubhouse site at the Padang, where the club has been a fixture since 1884. While members want the…

Easier access to green financing for Singapore firms

Singapore businesses that want to develop solutions to reduce waste and GHG emissions may find it easier to gain access to financing via a new government scheme. Under the new Enterprise Financing Scheme-Green, the Government will provide 70…

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