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6 major property trends to watch in the Singapore property market in 2022

1) HDB resale flats may see a continued uptick, even with cooling measures – First, the loan curbs imposed on HDB properties are not stringent enough to impact demand. Second, the large number of new flats being built…

811 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore; 404 Omicron infections confirmed

Singapore reported 811 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Sat, including 544 imported infections. There were no fatalities, with the death toll from coronavirus complications remaining at 837, according to MOH’s website. Sat’s case count was up…

Items strewn around choked recycling bins are a common sight

With the growth of online shopping, it is common to see packaging waste carelessly strewn all around rubbish bins, and the blue recycling bins choked with bulky items. These ugly sights have become common enough to make me…

Proposed rule change on refunds for home buyers long overdue

I believe the proposed rule change on the refund coverage on costs incurred by home buyers if the SPA is annulled by the developer is long overdue. I was caught in such a situation in 2016 – the…

Proposed rule changes to protect home buyers will level playing field

I applaud URA for the timely launch of a public consultation on proposed changes to better protect new home buyers. Some have commented that the proposed rule changes may lead to more costs for compliance and the prospect…

Time to walk the talk and start living with Covid-19

A viral video showing a gathering of hundreds on New Year’s Eve in Clarke Quay was hugely troubling for a nation locked in a grim battle to keep the coronavirus in check. Covid-19 fatigue is real after two…

Firms eager to get staff back into the office

Now that more staff are allowed in workplaces, firms have been eager to welcome them back, citing benefits such as higher productivity, better social interaction, and smoother collaboration. Firms told BT that they have put in place plans…

Mice calendar quiet for 2022, but may pick up after Chinese New Year

Hosts of Mice events are banking on a travel revival to support the resumption of large-scale industry gatherings. But the calendar for early 2022 is still sparse, and organisers remain on the lookout for virus-related developments that could…

Hong Kong expats are relocating at a faster pace than before, but Singapore isn’t their only destination

British national Anne is preparing to leave Hong Kong, a place she has called home for the past seven years. Her family “adores” the city of 7.5 million, but she is giving up its seasons and scenic country…

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